Pre-Conference Session: Immunization Review for MA/Pharmacy Techs

This 3 hour presentation is directed at MA’s, pharmacy technicians and LPNs. It will provide an overview/review of vaccine handling, vaccine administration, and routine immunizations. The presentation will include hands on training for vaccine administration and practice scenarios to manage adverse reactions.

1) Describe proper procedures for vaccine handling and administration.
2) Demonstrate proper vaccine administration practices.
3) Identify common immunizations, their purposes, and potential side effects of administration.
4) Discuss what to do in the case of an adverse reaction after vaccination.

Jodie Sanada MSN, RN, APRN is a Public Health Nursing Supervisor at the Hawaii State Department of Health. She has also had experience working in pediatrics as a Nurse Practitioner and as a staff nurse for private entities. She works to educate communities about the importance of immunizations and how to obtain access to these services

Janelle Jinbo-Labuguen, PhD, MPH, APRN, FNP-BC is a Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine at Tripler AMC, in the National Guard, and as faculty with the University of Phoenix. She plays an active role in immunizations in her clinics, as a board member on the Hawaii Immunization Coalition, and as part of the Military Joint Vaccine Workgroup.